24 Jan. 2023

Discover 8 wines under $15 that will delight even the most discerning palates!

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Enjoying great wines doesn’t have to break the bank. In these times of inflation and frugality, we’ve curated a selection of fantastic white, red, and rosé wines at affordable prices, readily available year-round at the SAQ.  

Additionally, don’t overlook our list of 10 exceptional sparkling wines and champagnes, starting at just $15, for even more inspiration! 


1. Ciù Ciù Oris Falerio

Italy, Marche | Trebbiano, Pecorino, Passerina | 4.1 g/L | $13.85 

A wine that’s easy to drink as an aperitif or with fish, salad and poultry.  Elegant with notes of pear, white flower, lemon and fresh almond. A fine finish with spices such as white pepper. 

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2. Lua Cheia Maria Bonita Loureiro Vinho Verde

Portugal, Vinho Verde | Loureiro | 5.7 g/L | $13.85 

The Loureiro grape lends roundness and freshness to this wine, with aromas of citrus, stone fruit and white flowers. You’ll love it as an aperitif and with meals, pairing it with fish, codfish accras and white meats. 

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3. Sierra Norte Mariluna Valencia

Spain, Valencia | Verdejo, Macabeo | 1.4 g/L | $14.40 

Sauvignon lovers will fall under the spell of this blend of Verdejo and Macabeo. Aromatic, lively and highly seductive, it offers notes of citrus, passion fruit, green apple and olive oil. The perfect match for pesto-goat pasta with Nordic shrimp. 

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4. Cazal Viel Vieilles Vignes Pays d’Oc

France, Languedoc-Roussillon | Syrah, Grenache | 4.5 g/L| $13.95 

A dry red offering aroma of raspberry, blackberry, licorice, violet and spices. Supple, not too full-bodied tannins that go well with hamburger, red meat, and even spicy foods. 

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5. Carrelot des amants Brulhois Rouge

France, Southwest | 2.6 g/L | $13.10 

A bouquet of berry aromas (raspberry, blackcurrant, blackberry), spices and toasty accents. Full-bodied, with a firm, elegant structure. Pairs admirably with confits, roasted red and white meats, offal, and pressed cheeses (Oka, Saint-Paulin). 

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6. Navarro Lopez Laguna de la Nava Reserva

Spain, Valdepeñas | Tempranillo | 1.9 g/L | $13.60 

Notes of plums, blackberries, anise, licorice, vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, and balsamic vinegar. A well-balanced wine, tannic yet smooth on the palate.  Perfect with red meat, charcuterie and mature cheeses. 

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7. Carrelot des Amants Brulhois Rosé

France, Sud-Ouest | < 1.2 g/L | $12.75 

This wine will surprise you with its peach, citrus and red fruit aromas. On the palate, it’s fresh, dry and round, so you can enjoy it as an aperitif or with a meal. 

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8. Cazal Viel Vieilles Vignes Rosé

France | Syrah, Cinsault, Grenache <1.2 g/L | $13.65 

A dry rosé of Syrah, Cinsault and Grenache with notes of melon, spices, red fruit and thyme. Refreshing, delicate and subtly perfumed on the palate. Perfect with salads, pizza and charcuterie. 

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