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Sélections Oeno takes pride in showcasing a diverse selection of more than 100 winemakers from various corners of the globe, offering Quebecers the opportunity to embark on a journey, one glass at a time. Get to know these passionate winemakers and explore the fruits of their labor.

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With over 250 indigenous grape varieties, Portugal showcases an extraordinary botanical legacy, demonstrating its phenomenal plant heritage. This remarkable diversity is a key reason why wine connoisseurs from all corners of the globe hold Portugal in high regard. From a vast array of styles to encompassing all price ranges, Portuguese wines bring delight to wine enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in our selection of exquisite Portuguese wines.


Vineyards adorn the entire landscape of Italy. The country exhibits two significant trends in its winemaking: a growing preference for white grape varieties and a resurgence of indigenous grape varieties alongside popular international ones, despite the unwavering popularity of Chardonnay. Nebbiolo stands out as the finest red grape variety, being the origin of Barolo, while Sangiovese prominently features in wines like Chianti Classico.



Les Pouilles


Spain, ranking as the world’s 3rd largest wine-producing country, boasts over three million acres dedicated to wine-growing. Wine enthusiasts find delight in the country’s abundant wine-growing regions, with some of the most remarkable ones being Rioja, Ribera del Duero, and Galicia. Explore our selection, which perfectly reflects the essence of this diverse and captivating wine-rich nation.


Vallée du Duero

Le Plateau (Meseta)


Best known for its elegant, fruity and aromatic white wines such as those made from Riesling, Germany is the world’s eighth-largest wine producer. Once renowned for producing sweet, inexpensive wines, German winemakers now produce an impressive range of wines, including refined dry wines, in both red and white.



France boasts 76,000 winegrowing operations, positioning it as the second-largest wine producer globally, trailing only Italy, with an impressive annual production of 42.1 million hectolitres. The nation’s diverse vineyards showcase distinctive soils, cultural methods, and historical significance, all of which contribute to the unique concept of terroir. Regions like Alsace and Burgundy exemplify traditional single-varietal vineyards, whereas Châteauneuf-du-Pape stands out as an exceptional embodiment of blending, allowing up to thirteen grape varieties in their wines. With such remarkable variety, France offers a wine experience to cater to every individual’s preference and palate.


Within this nation characterized by a continental climate, microclimates display variations depending on the geographical location of each region. The diversity of soils, presence of bodies of water and lakes, altitude, and vineyard orientation all contribute significantly, not to mention the influence of different grape varieties. Austrian wines are renowned for their refreshing and elegant characteristics, making them truly stand out!


Niederösterreich (Basse-Autriche)


While Poland is often linked to vodka, it might surprise you to learn that the country holds the title of Europe’s 3rd largest beer producer, trailing only the UK and Germany. Polish beer has a long and illustrious history, with a tradition dating back over a thousand years, pre-dating even the arrival of the Slavs in the region. The word “piwo” (Polish for beer) originates from the pre-Slavic term “pivo,” simply translating to “drink.” One of Poland’s major beer producers, the Żywiec Group, presents the popular Żywiec beer brand available at SAQ.


United States

Did you know that the United States holds the position of the world’s fourth-largest wine producer, with California contributing a whopping 90% of the country’s wine production? California stands as the foremost wine-producing region globally, excelling in both quantity and quality. Additionally, emerging regions like Oregon and New York are making their mark in the industry. California red wines, which epitomize the American style, are renowned for their richness, fruitiness, full-bodied nature, and higher alcohol content. The diverse grape varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay.

Caroline du Nord


South Africa

Following the end of apartheid, South African viticulture has experienced a remarkable resurgence, elevating itself in the global wine market as a continually improving producer of high-quality wines. The principal grape varieties cultivated in the region encompass Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.


United Kingdom

Whisky, a Gaelic spirit, can take various forms: pure malt, produced solely from barley, single malt, made in a single distillery, or single cask. Back in the 19th century, Scotland boasted an impressive 170 distilleries, whereas today, there are 80 distilleries still in operation.

Écosse, Highlands


Bulgaria has a rich history of winegrowing that dates back at least 3,000 years. Even in the ancient epic, the Iliad, Homer mentioned the vines of Thrace, and the birthplace of the cult of Dionysus lies in this region. The climate and geography of Bulgaria, situated near the Black Sea, bear resemblance to Tuscany, making it a prime location for wine production. The country holds significant potential in the world of wine. This is further evident as Edoardo Miroglio, a renowned Italian textile and wine producer, chose to establish one of Bulgaria’s most modern wineries in this promising land.

Nova Zagora


Thailand’s fame for its stunning beaches, picturesque scenery, delectable cuisine, and vibrant celebrations is well-known. However, it also distinguishes itself from other Southeast Asian nations with its diverse range of beers. Introduced by European visitors, beer production began in Thailand as early as 1933. Among the nation’s most beloved beers is Chang, and we are fortunate to have it available at the SAQ.



Renowned for its ice wines in the 90s, the Canadian viticulture industry is currently undergoing an exceptional boom. With a diverse selection of cold-hardy grape varieties, Canadian wines boast extraordinary complexity. Allow yourself to be captivated by our exceptional home-grown products!



New Zeland

In recent years, New Zealand has garnered recognition for its top-notch wine production, delivering vibrant and fruity wines known for thriving in a cool climate. The number of wineries in the country has been steadily increasing, having doubled since 1998. New Zealand primarily focuses on producing outstanding white wines, particularly Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Additionally, characteristic Pinot Noir wines are crafted with finesse, and the promising arrival of Syrah is making a notable impression on the wine scene.



Lebanon stands as one of the earliest historical wine producers, with the Zahlé region in the heart of the Bekaa plain earning a reputation for the exceptional quality of its grapes over the centuries. Presently, this region cultivates around twenty different grape varieties, contributing to an annual production of eight million bottles. Explore our selection of wines that truly reflect the essence of this remarkable country.

Vallée de la Bekaa


With a winemaking tradition dating back to the time of the Roman Empire, Hungary has a rich historical legacy in viticulture. Presently, it holds the 14th position among the world’s wine-producing countries. The nation is renowned for its production of flavorful and spicy white wines, as well as delightful light reds. However, Hungary’s most famous and celebrated wine is none other than the renowned Tokaji wine.


Chile’s remarkable climate provides an ideal environment for viticulture. Since the introduction of French grape varieties to the country in the late 19th century, Chile’s wine industry has predominantly focused on producing Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Chardonnay wines.


After capturing the world’s attention with its famous Shiraz, Australia went on to earn a reputation for its wide range of nuanced wines, crafted in all manner of styles. Explore our selection of Australian wines.

Adelaide Hills


As the world’s fifth-largest wine producer, Argentina consistently showcases its grape varieties among the finest globally. Most of its vineyards are situated on the outskirts of the Mendoza provinces, bordering Chile. The region experiences a hot and arid climate, while the high altitude leads to a significant temperature difference between day and night.

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